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Sewage Treatment Machine (STM), Effluent Treatment Machine , Chemical Treatment Machine (CTM), Bazooka System
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B.B. Envirotech is providing complete solutions for waste water management & provide services for muncipality, institute as well as industrial customer. We provide most latest & cost effective technologies in this field.

More Info ::
Quick – Converts wastewater into ‘Clear flow’ in hours.
Minimum Space – Only few yards as compared to acres of land.
Installation Time – Only a day as compared to months.
Technology – Latest technology with 99% results.
Tailor made system – From 5000 liters to 1 Lac liters per day.
Sludge Management – Can be used as compost in Floriculture and Agriculture.
Water Conservation – Can be recycled.
Easy Operation – Fully Automatic
Maintenance – Low, due to less wear and tear.
Power Consumption – Very less.
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